• Versatility

    Superior versatility in underbanalced drilling conditions with XEM technology

  • Efficiency

    Choose efficiency with survey on connection™ MWD technology

  • Cost

    Reduce cost by only paying for the data service you need

  • Reliability

    Proven reliability with 24/7/365 worldwide support

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  • MWD Kit Sales Extreme Engineering has your measurement while drilling needs covered.
    MWD Kits
  • XHOP The XHOP – RSS system transmits the following parameters from the rotary steerable in real-time.

Comprehensive MWD Technology

Extreme’s mud pulse telemetry system offers precision Inclination/Azimuth, Full MWD, and gamma ray logging, all in one. Choose XPulse for your Measurement While Drilling needs.

Technology Innovation

Real-time BHA Feedback

The data captured and transmitted by DynamX gives our clients the ability to monitor their downhole drilling conditions and adjust drilling parameters to optimize drilling efficiency.

Technology in Action

24/7 Rigsite Support

The quality of remote service offered by the Command Center is intended to exceed that of a typical manned operation without the cost or risk of additional rigsite personnel.

Technology in Action

Extreme Engineering focuses on improving your drilling efficiency by providing measurement-while-drilling (MWD) technologies and services. Our team of more than 70 engineering, supply chain, manufacturing, and quality specialists is backed with privileged access to the entire Schlumberger R&D community.