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DynamX™ is a 3 axis Shock and RPM sensor package for use on Extreme XPulse™ and XEM™ tools. The data captured and transmitted by DynamX™ gives our clients the ability to monitor their downhole drilling conditions and adjust drilling parameters to optimize drilling efficiency in real-time. More detailed recorded data can also be used post-run to gain a more in-depth understanding of the drilling environment. This can be particularly valuable for ongoing drilling projects as changes can then be made to BHA’s and bit selection to further increase drilling performance. DynamX™ also gives our tools the ability to have different data transmitted while rotating and sliding. This can be used to either stop transmission while rotating to conserve battery life or to stop the transmission of tool faces to provide better data density for gamma ray logging.

Real-time BHA feedback results in:

  • Reduced drilling risk with real-time shock and stick-slip information.
  • Reduced drilling cost by optimizing drilling performance in real-time.

Watch the DynamX video below

Download the DynamX™ Spec Sheet