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Choose your technology: Whether you are in the market for Electromagnetic or Mud Pulse telemetry Extreme Engineering ™ has your measurement while drilling needs covered.

    • XPulse™ - Extreme Engineering’s mud pulse telemetry system offers precision Inclination/Azimuth, Full MWD, and gamma ray logging, all from one tool. Standard Kit Box Tools are provided in (4.75”,6.50”, 8.00”). *Sizing Kits are available for sale individually.


    • XEM™ - Extreme Engineering’s electromagnetic telemetry system offering precision Inclination/Azimuth, Full MWD, gamma ray logging, Bore and Annular Pressure While Drilling (PWD) – Exceptional performance in over-balanced and under-balanced applications. Standard Kit Box Tools are provided in (4.75”,6.50”, 8.00”) *Sizing Kits are available for sale individually.


    • XEM™ to XPULSE™ Conversion Kit- Includes appropriate sized Pulser assemblies and landing subs to convert the XEM™ tool into an XPULSE™ tool.


  • XEM™ and XPULSE™ Repair and Maintenance Labs can be purchased on a quoted basis. Purchase of the lab also includes on location training and lab set up by Extreme Engineering™ Repair and Maintenance Training Personnel. Extreme Engineering™ also offers Repair and Maintenance services for clients that prefer R&M to be completed by Extreme Engineering™


Please contact an Extreme Engineering™ Sales Executive to learn more about our products, a list of kit box inventory and associated costs here.