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XHOP™ allows integration between Schlumberger's PowerDrive Rotary Steerable System (RSS) and Extreme MWD systems. This integration allows for real time display of the RSS parameters so that action can be taken quickly in the case of drilling anomalies or adverse conditions. The XHOP™ – RSS system transmits the following parameters from the rotary steerable in real-time:

  • Near-bit Inclination/Azimuth
  • Near-Bit Gamma Ray
  • Shock count
  • Rotation (stick slip)
  • RSS steering controls
  • Downlink confirmation


  • Use of RSS Near-Bit data for precise wellbore placement
  • Use of Near-Bit inclination for tight vertical control
  • Confirmation of RSS downlinks for confident steering
  • Maximise ROP with real-time, Near-Bit data

Download the XHOP™ Spec Sheet